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About the Show

Gut Check Uncut gives the masses a raw, uncut dose of reality that's needed in today’s world.


From business, sales , branding, motivation, inspiration, coaching and more.


Join hosts Todd Speciale & Brandon Biskie for a unique look into the lives of today's top experts!

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Featured Guests 



- Victor Antonio
Motivation Keynote Speaker | Host of the Sales Influence Podcast

" Gut Check Uncut is REAL, giving high dollar information for free. RAW, asking the right questions to retrieve the power stories that have shaped the best business minds the world has. And AUTHENTIC, as Todd & Brandon choose guests with integrity, honesty, and add massive value to those willing to receive it! Pay close attention, Gut Check Uncut is worthy of greatness." 

" Gut Check Uncut is filling a massive gap in the podcast space. Delivering truth and fun, in a fast paced and full of depth hour of pure content, every single time. Thank you Todd and Brandon for bringing the fire most people only speak of! I'm a fan!" 

" I got to say what an amazing experience! Probably some of the most authentic and real guys around. Was a perfect fit for me, loved being on the show, and hopefully I can come back to the show one day. " 

"Too often these days, I feel that many podcast topics have no substance or depth in meaning. I am thankful that Todd & Brandon on Gut Check Uncut allow REAL journeys like mine a chance to reflect on the lives of others. This podcast is needed. "

-  David Meltzer 

-  Danelle Delgado 

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- Flip Rodriguez


- Tu Lam (浪人)



" Gut Check Uncut is  a BAD ASS Podcast that is as real as it gets! Most importantly it's what's needed right now with all the fakes and noise in the current environment we're living in. 
If you're seeking THE business answer, then I recommend you don't miss one episode" 

- Judge Graham
Digital Entrepreneur, Operator, & Author 

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